Schrankwerk focuses on individual packaging solutions

The perfect box size for each product
Less corrugated board and fewer standard boxes
Optimised packaging process
Customer satisfaction through faster delivery
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The Problem: 

Large amounts of packaging waste

Ordering furniture online is convenient, fun, and fast. That convenience comes with one major drawback: packaging waste. Schreinerei Dickmänken recognized this issue and worked with Packsize on a solution to reduce packaging waste by up to 40 percent.

The customer first configures a piece of furniture in our 3D configurator from on the web. Since the configurator is linked to our internal design program, the data is transferred directly when the order is placed and so the individual dimensions of the individual components can later be transferred to the packaging machine. The cabinet parts to be delivered are then packed as efficiently and quickly as possible.
Walter Klocke
Customer Support

The Solution:

The perfect box size for each order

Filler material, corrugated cardboard and too much unused space - packages shipped as part of online retailing usually carry too much air. The reason for this is standard-sized cartons that are not matched to their contents. This leads to wasteful packaging with unnecessary filler material. This puts a burden on logistics companies and results in high shipping costs.

Packsize offers solutions with machines that create boxes to fit each order perfectly. To pack goods with an exact fit, product dimensions are fed to the packaging machine manually, by scanner or via an existing warehouse management system. The continuous corrugated board is then inserted into the packaging machine and cut and folded according to the specifications. Dickmänken wants to work as efficiently as possible for its customers - this includes providing the shortest possible delivery times.

The packaging machine is an important part of making the production process as efficient as possible. After all, when the ordered goods arrive at the customer's home, they can look forward to significantly less packaging waste. Precision-fit packaging has another advantage: it ensures that the furniture is packed so securely that it arrives at the customer's premises undamaged.

Because the machine can pack an almost unlimited range of product dimensions, it is more than suitable for Dickmänken's individual furniture. "Ultimately, a machine like the EM7-25™ also means we don't have to worry as much about managing boxes. Only the endless corrugated paper needs to be stored," says Klocke.

"The cooperation with Dickmänken and especially with Mr. Ludger Garming was very cooperative ... Together, we succeeded in optimizing existing process flows and developing suitable packaging designs for special product protection that meet the high requirements of the furniture industry," reports Karsten Konrad, Packsize project manager.