The gold standard for On Demand Packaging® solutions

As the industry staple in On Demand Packaging production, the EM7 can help your company achieve supply chain efficiencies, greater warehouse space, fewer product damages, and minimised void fill.

Box sizes and styles
5,700 x 4,000 mmFully-loaded footprint
Up to 4 balesof different grades of corrugated

Unprecedented versatility in box making

With its longitudinal cutting capabilities, the EM7 can create almost any box design. Combined with its ability to hold up to four different grades and widths of corrugated at once, the number of different boxes the EM7 can create is limitless.

Custom box making

Equipped with robust functions, including longitudinal and transverse cutting, creasing, and perforation.

PackNet® Software optimization

Flexibility to orchestrate and manage single-piece and batch workflows.

Reduce infrastructure

Eliminate your box inventory, free up warehouse space, and never worry about stockouts or box obsolescence again. The EM7 greatly simplifies your packaging supply chain. By using smaller boxes, you’ll also be able to fit more packages on each truckload; reducing the number of shipments needed.

The Packsize EM7 offers a high individual variety of transport packaging.

Use less corrugated

The average shipping box contains 40% empty space. With the EM7, Packsize customers are able to use 26% less corrugated while saving money and increasing their sustainability.

Multiple infeed tracks

Greater waste reduction that allows for use of up to four different widths of z-Fold®.

EM7 specs

2,500 kg

Footprint w/ Bales
20 m²

Delivering Dimensions
‍4.140 L x 1.143 B x 2.311 H (mm)

L16-20R + 3-Pole/4-Wire, 20A-480V

12.7 mm flexible air hose required

All lines must be provided with an additional 15′ (4.57 m) of slack for proper machine placement

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