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Culpitt needed a flexible, eco-friendly packaging solution to reduce shipping charges, corrugated usage, and void fill.
Reduced shipping charges of 28%
Corrugated usage and void fill reduction of 12%
Increased sustainability and an eco-friendly supply chain
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The Goal: 

Future-proofing the company in view of the growing number of sales channels with a clear focus on eCommerce and fulfillment

About Culpitt Ltd: Cake Decorating & SugarCrafting Accessories

Culpitt Ltd is the leading UK multi-channel supplier, manufacturer & fulfilment specialist to the cake decoration industry. The business founded in 1921 by the Culpitt family, moved to its current base in Ashington (North East of England) in 1947. Across the years, the company has seen award winning growth & is known for its expansion into multiple channels & markets in the UK & abroad. Culpitt Ltd prides itself in providing supply chain solutions for its customers to the extent it now offers end to end logistics & fulfilment solutions for some of the industry’s leading brands & online retail businesses.

Culpitt Building UK.

Project Goals

  • Future proof the business against the growing number of channels & routes to the market with a clear focus on eCommerce & fulfilment
  • Increased sustainability & and eco-friendly supply chain tomatch customer needs
  • Reduced shipping charges
  • Corrugated usage & void fill reduction
We joined forces with Packsize at an extremely complex time when our business was transitioning to eCommerce. Their partnership approach meant that we were able to design a flexible solution for the here and now, and for the long term. The benefits went well beyond a packaging solution; delivering better data insights, multiple courier integration and courier selection criteria based on pack weight and dimension. Now we even use the system for temporary pick locations – It really is that flexible. That said, with regard to packaging, we have also made substantial savings in freight, packaging and labour and can give our customers a more sustainable and eco-friendly product.
Gary Quinn
Logistics & Customer Technology Director

The Solution:

A data-driven packaging process integration

The solution for Culpitt Ltd consists of an end to end system that is data driven, enabling smart packaging decisions based on key business criteria, the individual product mix as well as the channel & route to market. Therefore, dimensional data is used to create the right sized box for any order, no matter if it contains single or multiple items. Software provides data to allow decisions to be made on courier selection using the packaging specifics of items & provides reporting to allow informed decisions on corrugated usage & shipping costs. The solution also enables smart process decisions such as label printing through data and software use.

Packsize EM7 on demand packaging solution at Culpitt, UK.


Post implementation Culpitt Ltd saw a reduction on courier charges of 28% and a saving in corrugated & packaging of 12%. Also, higher operational efficiencies increased speed of response reducing pressure on same day dispatch. Thanks to the box 1st system, it has allowed for all items to be picked & packed into right-sized boxes. Culpitt Ltd now has the ability to integrate with a larger number of customer platforms (currently 12 & multiple courier systems).

"Collaborating and working with Culpitt Ltd has allowed Packsize to apply a range of software and hardware solutions that enable Culpitt´s customers to receive their orders in right-sized parcels with minimal void-fill material. The positive joint team engagement between Culpitt and Packsize, ensured that the optimal process was integrated at the Ashington site, making the project rewarding for both our companies. And importantly, for Culpitt´s customers, too." Kevin Beattie, Director Sales Northern, Western & Southern Europe, Packsize.