Efficient and sustainable shipping at Modellbau Härtle

The Allgäu-based online retailer has designed a state-of-the-art and automated small parts warehouse. With the help of the Packsize technology, the online retailer ships now no more air and filler material.
Higher throughput and productivity
Increased sustainability with smaller boxes and less filler material
Packaging process flow improvements
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The Goal: 

Supplying customers even more efficiently and sustainably

About Modellbau Härtle

The online retailer Modellbau Härtle is one of the largest specialised mail order companies for small parts from the model railroad and model building assortment in Europe. Founded in 1889 in the Allgäu region of Germany, the traditional company with 700 m2 of sales floor space relies on innovative and sustainable storage, picking and packaging systems.

We don't ship air and filler, but precisely fitting boxes with the right goods.
Matthias Franz
Modellbau Härtle

The Solution:

State-of-the-art and automated small parts warehouse

Modellbau Härtle worked with Packsize to create a new and innovated system to supply its customers more efficiently and sustainably. The two companies worked to create a unified process that incorporates a fully automated storage and picking system from Storojet, ERP software from Vepos, and an EM7 from Packsize.

The resulting solution has significantly optimised the process flow for greater speed, resource efficiency, and sustainability.

As the founder of Modellbau Härtle, Matthias Franz, put it "We don't ship air and filler, but precisely fitting boxes with the right goods."