CEVA Logistics delivers healthcare products faster and more sustainably

An integrated process flow was created for right-sized box production with packaging automation
Higher throughput and productivity
Increased sustainability with a smaller environmental footprint
Ergonomic processes less heavy work
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The Goal: 

Modern intralogistic processes increase throughput, productivity, and sustainability

About CEVA Logistics

CEVA Logistics, a leading external logistics company, provides supply chain solutions for large international companies. With approximately 78,000 employees and 1,000 locations in many countries, CEVA Logistics offers a wide range of contract logistics services. CEVA Logistics develops customised end-to-end solutions to meet the complex and quickly evolving needs of the supply chain, regardless of industry.

Now, we have a perfectly fitting box for every order which results in reduced transportation costs and a smaller environmental footprint.
Mark Romme
Project Manager
CEVA Logistics

The Solution:

An integrated packaging process flow

CEVA Logistics partnered with ARCO and Packsize to redesign their labour intensive box creation and transportation process to increase throughput, to boost productivity and to reduce their environmental footprint.

Previously, CEVA was manually erecting stock boxes in their 100,000 square metre healthcare-focused facility. These boxes were sealed by hand and manually moved from one station to another. The team worked together to architect an automated packaging process using Packsize solutions to produce a perfectly sized package for each order. These boxes were then erected and the bottoms were sealed. This allowed CEVA employees to then pick products directly into the right box.

Those boxes were then routed via conveyor to the next location where they were weighed for accuracy. The boxes were then automatically closed and the proper shipping labels were applied. Finally, the packages were scanned and sorted by carrier so that they could be routed for accurate delivery.

Together with Packsize, CEVA Logistics and ARCO created a robust packaging process that resulted in their products being shipped faster and more sustainably than ever before.