Fully Automate Your Packaging Process and Make Custom Boxes Just-In-Time

The X7® box making machine gives you the most needed functions to make, pack, and ship a right-sized box in just 3.5 seconds.

1,020 boxes per hour
Produce a box every 3.5 seconds
20,000 x 9,000 mmFully-loaded footprint
7 functionsFully-automated

Handle Every Order

The X7 can handle a wide variety of products and shipments. From a single paperback book to a cast iron frying pan to an order of a dozen packages of pencils.


Handles both single-item and unitized-multi orders.

Reliable, All-in-One Machine

The X7 is the most reliable and smartest automated machine to give e-commerce companies the ability to package and ship right-sized single-item orders andunitized, multi-orders.

Smart Automation

Incorporates a top-down glue application, the reduction of corrugated cutting to two positions, reduced dust and scrap, and a wide conveyance system.

New curved infeed option with smaller footprint now available

Increase Productivity and Decrease Labour

The X7 can package all of your products and have them ready to ship without needing to hire and train additional warehouse employees regardless of whether you’re in the off season or peak season.

1,020 boxes / hr

The X7 produces 1,020 variable and ready-to-ship boxes per hour, or one box every three seconds.

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