The Smallest Automated Packaging Solution Available

The X4® is the first Right-sized Packaging on Demand machine system to combine four packaging functions into one.

300 boxes per hourProduce a box every 12 seconds
9,000 x 2,800 mmFully-loaded footprint
4 functionsFully-automated

Free up warehouse space

The X4’s small footprint and functionality allows for a box to be erected and inducted onto a conveyor line, placed on a cart, or packaged right next to the machine. Packsize Care offers support to design the most efficient workflow to ensure that the X4 works for you.

Small Footprint

The X4 takes up just 12.5 m², which frees up warehouse space and allows the machine to be placed however it’s needed for each individual workflow.

Reduce Labour

The X4 reduces labour through a 4-in-1 function, which produces the right-sized box without the need for a constant operator. This will allow you to move employees to where they are most needed without requiring your business to hire additional warehouse workers.


The X4 is able to cut, crease, glue, and label custom shipping boxes that have been right-sized to your products.

Reduce DIM Charges

The X4’s On Demand Packaging solution lowers your material shipping costs and your Dimensional Weight (DIM) charges. By creating right-sized boxes on demand, you’ll be able to reduce the average size of your boxes by up to 40%.

Automated Packaging

A key to automation is reducing time, touch and travel. The X4 creates ready-to-ship boxes every 12 seconds without any labour required.

X4 Specs

3,000 mm

2,800 mm

3,300 mm

1,905 kg

Footprint with Bales:
7,000 x 3,300 mm

Delivering Dimensions
3,010 x 2,286 x 2,134 mm

Single Phase 230/240 VAC, PE, 50/60 Hz, 30A

Dry air pressure @ 87-145 psi (6-10 bar) and 1/2” inner

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