Utilise A Box-Making Machine At Your Company

May 26, 2017

Companies of all sizes and in various industries are realizing how economically sound it is to have a custom box-making machine as part of their packaging environment. These On Demand Packaging® machines help speed up the shipping process while saving costs. The company’s customers become the ultimate beneficiary due to the improved service.

Less Clutter

One of the biggest benefits of a box machine for companies is that they offer less clutter. No longer will there be a need to stack boxes from floor to ceiling. When a customer places an order, a box can be made at that time, packed and then shipped out immediately. This is perfect for companies that space constraints.  around.

Size Matters

A box-making machine will provide your company with better selection of carton sizes. If you need to make a very small box for your tiniest product as well as an extra-large box for a larger item, this machine can handle it for you. Add in the fact that you do not need to order hundreds of boxes in different sizes and stack them in the office ahead of time and this machine can be a game changer for your company.

The z-Fold

The z-Fold box has become the go-to box for companies with box making machines at their facilities. The z-Fold box allows you to make boxes of all sizes by creasing, cutting, and folding the corrugated into an almost unlimited number of options. The cardboard looks like the letter ”z” when it is loaded into the machine, which is where the name comes from.

If your company is spending too much money on corrugated boxes, it might be time to consider a box making machine. Contact our team to learn more today!

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