5 Telescope And Tray Boxes That Can Help Your Operation

January 12, 2016

This week, we’re going to take a look at FEFCO series 03, officially known as Telescope Boxes. Telescope boxes consist of at least two pieces, and have a lid piece called a tray. Shoeboxes are examples of telescope type boxes.

Trays and other parts of telescope type boxes usually have four flaps that need to be held together. This is difficult to do with either glue or tape, so staples are often a common part of Telescope Boxes.

0301 text

0301: Full Telescope Design Style Container

What it is: Also known as a two-piece tray. This box is made from two pieces, with the top piece having slightly larger dimensions, allowing it to be placed over the bottom piece.

What it’s used for: Allows for easy packaging because the top is completely removable. This is often used for long, flat products or bulky items. You might also see this box if you get a dozen donuts from your local grocer.

0306 text

0306: Design Style Container with Cover

What it is: The DSC is basically a slotted tray with a lid on it. This is the common shoe box design.

What it’s used for: Shoe boxes, for one. This design works well in situations where the box is meant to be opened and closed multiple times, or is meant to be opened easily.

0310 text

0310: Double Cover Container

What it is: A four-sided strip forms a tube as the body of the box. Two trays form lids on the top and the bottom of the box.

What it’s used for: Sometimes it’s easier to package large items by building a box around them. In this case, picture a large, heavy item like a chair or a cabinet. The item is placed on top of the first tray, the tube of the box is lowered around the item, and then the second tray is placed on top.

0320 text

0320: Full Telescope Half Slotted Container

What it is: Remember the Half Slotted Container? This box is made from two of them acting as a full telescope style box.

What it’s used for: One advantage this box has over the the full telescope box is that it isn’t held together by flaps, so it can be assembled much easier with tape or glue. It doesn’t provide as much protection as some other box designs, but it is cheaper to produce.

0325 text

0325: Interlocking Double Cover Container

What it is: Think back to the 310 Double Cover Container, and add flanges to the body and the two lids. A flange, by the way, is “a projecting flat rim, collar, or rib on an object, serving to strengthen or attach or (on a wheel) to maintain position on a rail (dictionary.com).”

What it’s used for: These flanges serve to help hold the three pieces of the box together, along with straps to ensure the box doesn’t come apart. This box style is good for moving large or heavy items like washing machines, refrigerators, and maybe some hazardous material.

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