3 Problems Online Furniture Stores Face (And How To Resolve Them)

January 17, 2017

A report released by Mintel found 70 percent of consumers shop online regularly. Online shopping has become more prevalent across many retail sectors, including furniture. Buying furniture online offers numerous benefits. Consumers have a much larger inventory to choose from, can easily compare prices, and don’t feel pressured to buy.

The rise in online furniture sales offers both new opportunities and challenges for furniture manufacturers and e-tailers. Furniture is often large, heavy and bulky; efficiently packaging these products and delivering them to customers can be a challenge. Here are three common furniture packaging problems and how to overcome them.

Problem #1: Product Damage and Customer Complaints

Your furniture store’s objective should include safe and prompt product delivery. With heavy, bulky and even odd-shaped furniture items, achieving this goal can be difficult. Large, odd-shaped merchandise is also at greater risk for damage if not packaged properly, as the items can shift during transport. Receiving damaged merchandise will likely result in a customer complaint and, if not handled properly, can hinder the reputation of your company.

Problem #2: Wasteful Packaging

Consumers care about sustainability and want the companies they do business with to care too. Shipping your merchandise in shipping containers that are too large and filled with packaging peanuts and wasted space reflects poorly on your business. It’s hard to tout sustainability when your furniture packaging says otherwise. Finding efficient and affordable packaging for all those large and hard-to-fit items can be a challenge.

Problem #3: Expensive Shipping Charges

Due to the weight and bulk of furniture, online furniture stores spend considerably more on shipping costs than other retailers. These sky-high shipping costs can cut into profit margins, inhibiting the overall profitability of the business.

The Solution

Damaged products, wasteful packaging and expensive shipping charges are all common problems that online furniture stores face. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to these issues: Packsize® furniture packaging. With Packsize® furniture packaging, you can minimise the risk of product damage, use less corrugated cardboard, and reduce shipping costs.

Our furniture packaging solutions let you create the right-sized shipping container for the merchandise you need to transport. By addressing the product’s box size, there’s no need for wasteful filler materials. The products won’t shift during transport, so they’ll arrive to the customer in pristine condition. And, with smaller boxes, you can save money on dimensional weight shipping costs and fit more products on a truck.

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