September 21, 2022

This August, Packsize celebrated its 20th birthday! Founded by Europeans in Salt Lake City in 2002, the company has had one mission from day one: Smart Packaging for a Healthy Planet

The founding couple Laura and Hanko Kiessner have always been driven by the question of how operational processes can be made more economical on the one hand and at the same time more environmentally friendly. Their idea of producing right-sized boxes for every order helped to reconcile various objectives: resource-saving packaging, increasing throughput and productivity, reducing costs and, in the end, significant CO2 savings in the packaging processes of Packsize customers.

Start of Packsize - Laura & Hanko Kiessner

In 2008, the Packsize GmbH was founded in Herford. Since then, the company's efforts in Europe have been managed from here. This was followed by the founding of sales companies in the UK in 2010, in France in 2013 and in Poland in 2014. From the very beginning, the packaging solutions were developed and produced by the Packsize Technology AB ("PTAB") in Enköping, Sweden. Today, Packsize employs more than 750 people worldwide, all of whom together promise their customers: We Fit What Your World Needs.

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