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An open and creative packaging forum for people to connect.
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Come and visit, and we will work with you. The Packsize Solution Lab is an open and creative space for people to connect, exchange experiences, learn, develop inspiring packaging ideas, and ultimately, build a brighter future together.

Occupying more than 700 m² the Solution Lab offers state-of-the-art technology & processes with the aim to optimise operations with sustainable CO2-saving and Automated On Demand Packaging solutions.

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Werd‘ Teil von Packsize, einem Arbeitgeber der Zukunft!

Ergonomic Approach

What do workplaces of the future look like?

Packaging processes are becoming increasingly automated, yet humans will continue to play an important role for a long time to come. We are certain that ergonomic workplace designs have a decided impact on both productivity, efficiency and the health of workers. Let’s test how ergonomic your packaging processes are either at your site or in our Solution Lab, come and visit us!

Anything from pragmatic packing table designs to conducting in-depth analysis…
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20 Years of Packaging Experience

Everything for your automated & sustainable future
20 Years of Packsize
Oversized packaging with wasted space, high shipping volumes & costs, damaged products? Sound familiar? This should soon be a thing of the past…

Through joint analysis & optimisation, let's make your packaging process more efficient.
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Werd‘ Teil von Packsize, einem Arbeitgeber der Zukunft!

Digital Experience

Explore future opportunities remotely

Is the Solution Lab too far away, or are you remote? What if you don't have the time? No worries. We can set something up for you with our digital channels. Join a video call and be part of the packaging process.

No travel needed…

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